Langley Marriage Counselling & Couples Therapy:

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Relationships encompass a map of different emotions, and rarely do we experience a companionship where everything is perfect all of the time. Every relationship is comprised of it’s own flaws, but these flaws are what show us the importance of human emotion, as well as where we can grow and improve. In the Langley area, I offer Relationship Coaching, Marriage Counselling and Couples Therapy.

I have the experience to work with various kinds of people and emotions, and have a grasp on understanding the importance of the physical journey. I am here to help those who are seeking the resolve of putting their relationship problems to an end, in order to create a more positive, healthy lifestyle.

As well as couples counselling, my coaching varies from single people, to divorced, to those in relationships. We are here for all individuals who are ready to begin the journey of healing, be it with your spouse, your family as a whole, or simply your individual self.

Langley Marriage Counselling: Learning More Through Workshops!

My name is Rockie Lee and I am a Clarity Coach, more commonly recognized as a Relationship, Strategic Intervention Coach. I provide my marriage and counselling sessions to folks living in city of Langley. Whether or not you’re from the area, I meet with singles and couples in a comfortable environment for those looking to make a change in their lives. My office is private and personal, allowing you to distance yourselves from the problems of home and enter a new, safe, and comfortable environment.

I have always had an interest in people, and am passionate about ensuring my clients are able to mend whatever aspects of their lives they are trying to correct or improve in regards to relationships. I simply want to be an active participant in helping you achieve the utmost level of happiness in your lives.

Due to this interest, I offer consultations that will allow my clients to get a feel for the work I am providing. I want nothing more than the opportunity to work with you directly and find what works best for you. I understand that every person I deal with is different, and that is why I refuse to use the same tired approaches. Within this consultation I also want to get to know you, so that I can understand what methods will work best for you, as well as the most comfortable way to approach and hopefully rectify these problems you are facing.

Through couples therapy and meeting together and discussing your hopes and goals, I will then be able to lay out a process that works best for you. This will help me understand what we need to discuss and what direction we have to take to ensure you can once again become the happy, healthy you, without all the stress and worries of your relationship weighing you down.

Life in Langley … a Great Place to Live

If you live in Langley, you may already know all the fun things you can do as a couple or a family. This spacious Fraser Valley community abounds with things to do. Visit local museums and historic and heritage sites or sip local wines on wine tours. Go horseback riding, play golf, chill out in regional parks and wildlife centres.

There is also entertainment for every taste with the Fraser Valley’s biggest casino, monumental movie theatres, live sports action, and a year-round slate of colourful festivals. My favorite spots:

  • Fort Langley National Historic Site
  • Derby Reach Regional Park
  • Chaberton Estate Winery

Let’s Connect! I Would Love To Hear From YOU!

Marriage Counselling and Coaching Centre

Marriage Counselling and Coaching Centre

If you are an individual or couple looking for a solution to your relationship or familial issues, this is the time to act on it. I want you to feel comfortable in your process of discovery and recovery, and to ensure this I provide a free coaching consultation so you and your partner can figure out for yourselves if this is the approach you want to take towards strengthening your relationship.

If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to talk things out with you. My goals and passions are the same as yours, working towards the correct solutions for a more positive future.

Contact me for a free one-hour coaching consultation.

(Coaching consultation done in person, over the phone or Google hangouts)
You can also opt in for group coaching sessions to get a feel or taste of relationship coaching at a reduced rate.

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