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Relationships encapsulate a map of different emotions. While relationships can be beautiful and rewarding, there is no doubt that rocky terrain will almost always be encountered. Have you or your friends ever had to consider marriage counselling?

In moments of difficulty in relationships, we find these bumps along the road can be mended quickly, allowing us to rediscover the feelings of love we have for each other that we had slowly lost grip on. In other cases we find that time and slow step-by-step glimpses of affirmation brings out the desired transformation and healing we have longed for.

Whether you are single, divorced, or starting a new relationship, I work vigorously at ensuring that my clients are given the most rewarding and comfortable experiences when it comes to marriage counselling, couples therapy and even individual, singles counselling and coaching.

Maple Ridge Marriage Counselling, Coaching & Workshops!

My name is Rockie Lee and I am a Relationship, Strategic Intervention Coach, although I like to call myself a Clarity Coach. Through marriage counselling, I provide my clients the discernment and insight that brings clarity to the area of the relationship and life that has grown stale or stopped growing.

I also provide divorce counselling, which provides clarity in moving forward and letting go of our past, so that we can enter new relationships in healthy ways. If you feel that you are struggling with a relationship in your life, contacting me would be a great first step in allowing yourself to move forward and finding hope once again.

My office is a great way to escape the environment that you are frequently immersed in, and enter a world where together, with your significant other, or simply by yourself, you can feel safe and ready to make the changes necessary and take the actions you need that will restore happiness, hope and joy in your life. If you live in Maple Ridge, couples counselling may be the right answer for you.

I offer Maple Ridge Marriage and Couples Counselling and Relationship Coaching where our goal is to restore Hope, not just for now but also for the future. As a coach, I am here to help you find solutions to your relationship problems and to discover hope through the journey. It is important we can explore not just our emotions but also our belief patterns, so that we are able to positively move forward with our lives. Much like a tour guide on a journey, I am here to help you rediscover who you are, the things you have forgotten about, and the passions you have let go of. I am here simply as a coach, someone you can confide in, to help you mend and overcome all the issues you are currently facing.

To illustrate some concepts of what I have introduced in my past sessions that brought about success, I hope to provide you with bit of insight on what I use to help my clients learn quickly and find solutions to their issues.  In communication practices I use martial arts in the sense of demonstrating what conflict looks like. I am teaching both singles and couples how to get off of an attack line and how to begin the process of listening and healing. This also helps with family issues, showing families how to improve their communications and understand each other’s needs. These types of demonstrations, helps to expose levels of intimacy that the individual, couple or family is experiencing, while allowing us to explore these conflicts in different and interesting ways that restore trust and love.

Life in Maple Ridge … A Great Place to Live and Raise a Family

If you live Maple Ridge, there are many places you can visit, things you can see, and experience in a tranquil environment. There is a wealth of outdoorsy things to do in Maple Ridge. Its regional and provincial parks are ideal for cycling, hiking, horseback riding, bird watching, and fishing, plus other water activities. Six championship golf courses make this a perfect place to tee off. Here are some of my favorite places to visit:

  • Golden Ears Provincial Park
  • Alouette Lake
  • Kanaka Creek Riverfront Trail
  • The ACT Arts Centre

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My passion to bring people the hope, peace and happiness that is temporarily clouded in their lives, extends beyond the scope of just being fascinated with the study of people, love and marriage. It has been a life calling.

Marriage Counselling and Coaching Centre

Marriage Counselling and Coaching Centre

I truly believe the most important things we as humans must do is allow ourselves the permission to confront our emotions and obstacles head on. I want to help my clients through couples therapy and coaching and allow them to rediscover themselves in positive, healthy ways. These are such important processes that I hope you can see the benefits of relationship coaching.

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(Coaching consultation done in person, over the phone or Google hangouts) You can also opt in for group coaching sessions to get a feel or taste of relationship coaching at a reduced rate.

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