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shutterstock_148602584It’s Time to Take Your Life Back

Life is short.

Too short to let fear and doubt and hurt and pain rob you of living the way you always dreamed. In a compassionate and supportive way, we help guide you to uncover what is preventing you from being happy, or hindering you from moving forward. Standing with you as you face your doubts and fears. Gently helping you heal from hurt and pain. Showing you easy ways to manage your time and get more out of life. Or simply helping you rediscover your dreams.

Sessions are custom tailored to address your particular needs and circumstances and conducted in a professional, one-on-one manner so that you get the most out of each session.

Common Themes

1. Managing Pain

Hurt and Pain is a part of life, but suffering is a choice. Discover how to move past the hurt and pain through forgiveness, and reclaim your life. Walk free from fear and doubt, as a result of your hurt, and banish forever what is hindering you from living a happy, vibrant life.

2. Stress Management

Learn how to interrupt, manage and conquer stress once and for all. This may include addressing areas of depression and anxiety coaching.

3. Time Management & Personal Goal Setting

Young or old, a busy executive or a parent trying to juggle the work life balance, how you manage your time is directly connected to how you set your goals. Learn how to move beyond a “TO DO LIST” that keeps you bound to things that do not lead to your real desires and goals in life, but instead eats up your capacity, time and energy.

4. Dream Recovery

Rediscover lost dreams, passions and desires that once gave you the juice and vitality in life. Your dreams are what gives you purpose. It’s time you let yourself start dreaming again!


Q. What was it that you specifically needed “Clarity” in at the time of your coaching ?

A. I needed to understand if i wanted to focus on being a competitive athlete (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu player) or shifting towards only coaching.

Q. How did Rockie help bring “Clarity” to your specific need ?

A. He dialoged with me, and inquired about my motives, core values, and what it was i was hoping to acheive.

Q. What have you been able to do, or achieve since you have had Clarity Coaching with Rockie ?

A. I have been able to regain motivation towards competing, and understand that i can be successful in both coaching, and competing. I just had to work with Rockie and understand what my core motivation for each avenue was.

Rockie you have helped me gain alot of ground in a short time! You will always be considered as a great friend and mentor!

Ron Hudson – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Fighter, Coach and Trainer


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