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Relationships are a part of our lives that need constant work in order to remain successful and healthy. The things that are most worthwhile in life, are in fact the things that are worth working for. That is why I believe that if you are in a relationship and having difficulties, there is nothing wrong with reaching out and finding the support that you need and see if marriage counselling and relationship coaching might be an option for you.

Whether you are single, in a relationship or recently divorced, I can help you work out and overcome the relationship struggles you are searching to mend within your chaotic lives. I am here as a coach, a mentor, to help push you forward.

The important thing we need to remember is the normalcy of facing difficulties within the realm of relationships. Everyone faces them, and it is important that we, collectively, can accept this so that we can take the steps we need, to ensure we can lead happy, healthy lives, leaving behind the negative emotions that continue to weigh us down.

Surrey Marriage Counselling: Training For a Better Lifestyle Through Workshops!

My name is Rockie Lee and I am a Clarity Coach, a Relationship Coach and Strategic Interventionist. I enjoy working with anyone who is seeking help in my field, that would like to sit down and discuss the ways in which I can help you lead a happier, more wholesome lifestyle.

I can help in many aspects of counseling and coaching, including ways in which we can help strengthen your relationship, how to deal with pain of divorce or separation, as well as understanding how to adapt to a new lifestyle of being single and ensuring that we heal in the correct ways to properly approach the world when we are ready.

I work in the area of Surrey B.C., working with locals and those out of town. My current and aspiring clients are welcome to come visit my office just outside the city, and you are of course welcome to come for a consultation, meeting me, and allowing you to get a feel for the office and environment it is situated in.

In regards to my therapeutic methodologies, I like to explore a vast area of couples counselling and coaching techniques, to find out what is best suited for the client, and thus the most suitable approach to start the healing process. I come up with solutions that can sometimes be considered out of the norm, such as using martial arts in the sense of demonstrating what conflict looks like. I am teaching both singles and couples how to get off of an attack line and how to begin the process of listening and healing. This also helps with family issues, showing families how to improve their communications and understand each other’s needs.

The Best Things About Surrey …. So Much to Explore

Surrey is a beautiful community to live and work in. With more than 5680 acres of designated parkland, Surrey has earned the nickname of “The City of Parks.” Couples may spend time doing things together such as:

  • Bear Creek Park
  • Blackie Spit Park at Crescent Beach
  • The Surrey Museum
  • Historic Stewart Farm

How to Contact Me!

Marriage Counselling and Coaching Centre

Marriage Counselling and Coaching Centre

After reading all of this, if you feel that this approach to relationship coaching and couples therapy is one that could work for you, let’s take the next steps to make this dream a reality.

My goal is to make my future clients feel comfortable with this approach, without feeling any pressure or obligation. This is why I offer a complimentary 60 minute consultation, so that you can get a feel on whether or not my coaching practices are the right fit for your lifestyle. Then we can move on from there.

Contact me for a one-hour free coaching consultation.

(Coaching consultation done in person, over the phone or Google hangouts)
You can also opt in for group coaching sessions to get a feel or taste of relationship coaching at a reduced rate.

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