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Discover who you are really looking for

Wouldn’t it be great to meet someone and know immediately whether or not if there is a possibility for a long-term relationship? How would it feel to go on a date and through a simple set of questions, know instantly whether that person is a real candidate without having to waste a couple months of dating to figure it out? Would it be ridiculous to say it’s time to do something different so you don’t get the same results again ?

 Attracting the right partner

That’s the magic of Finding the Partner You Deserve. We’ll help you discover who you are really looking for in a relationship. We’ll help you get clarity on who you are to understand what has been hindering you from discovering and attracting the right partner. Then we’ll set you up with an action plan to ensure you don’t slip back into your old patterns and habits as you embark on a new adventure towards a meaningful and committed relationship. Would it be silly for me to ask if you would like to find out who would be the right fit for you ?

Session Details

You’ve worked hard for years to have the life that you want, and by most people’s standards your life is good. But you know it’s missing something. A partner to share it with. Despite all your best efforts, books you’ve read, podcasts you’ve listened to, and counsel from well intending friends who support you, the love that you have experienced up till now has left you in an endless cycle of hurt, loneliness, and a broken heart. You need a simpler and more effective approach to dating and finding love.

FINDING THE PARTNER YOU DESERVE: How to Master Attraction, Dating and Love is a step-by-step roadmap and master strategy to gain control over your dating struggles and master the game of love, while delving into the deeper meaning of Who I am, What I need, Who to choose and How to date. Offering unconventional but proven strategies, Rockie Lee shows you how to sift through the ungodly amounts of hurt and broken commitments, and develop a reliable system of attraction and dating that  produces dependable results of love.

The door to love lies within you. Finding the Partner You Deserve Formula will show you how to unlock it and gain access to the Love and Passion you have been longing for.


You Will Learn

  • Discovering WHO I AM
  • Understanding the Laws of Attraction and Common Pitfalls
  • How to remove roadblocks
  • Profiling my RIGHT MATE
  • The Action Plan (this is where it gets fun !)
  • The foundation to a healthy relationship
  • Believing for the future and exercising wisdom



 ” Rockie helped me to to expedite a journey that I did not know I was stuck on still. He helped first identify what my roadblocks were from past hurts. We went through several healing sessions and I was able to move forward and forgive myself and others that have effected me. Then we went through an in depth personality profile for myself and identified what I’m looking for in a future mate. Now I am on the quest based on the exercises that we did because I know myself better and have clarity in what I’m what I am looking for.”

Nancy Yuan – Jewelry Designer