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Relationships are one of the most beautiful and complicated human experiences two people can take together. Every relationship begins with the goal of having a successful companionship. While evidently, nearly every relationship has its hardships, which are just tests of how important two people can be to each other. In other circumstances, we learn that sometimes we need marriage counselling to help us move forward and to help us find ourselves through these struggles.

For people living in the Tri-Cities area,  I provide couples therapy and coaching for marriage, divorce, and single individuals ready and willing to make a change, who need a little direction on how to become the best versions of themselves.  Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody are great places, whether you’re from the area, or wish to escape there temporarily and experience what the Tri-Cities has to offer.

Tri-Cities Marriage Counselling:  Get Training For a Better Lifestyle!

Whether you are single, divorced, or in a committed relationship, be it marriage or not, my counselling and coaching services all have one thing in common. The position of your current stage in life will not affect the counselling I provide. I am simply here as a coach, therapist, mentor, whatever you wish to call it, willing to listen to the struggles you face and find solutions to these problems.

My name is Rockie Lee and I am a Clarity Coach specializing in Relationship Coaching. I have always had an interest in people, and am passionate about ensuring my clients are able to mend whatever aspects of their lives they are trying to fix or improve in regards to relationships.

Through marriage counselling and relationship coaching, I provide my clients the discerment and insight that brings clarity to the area of the relationship and life that has grown stale or stopped growing.

Through my divorce counselling and coaching, I provide clarity in moving forward, ensuring that you are positively taken care of so that you can enter new relationships in positive and healthy ways. This counselling ensures that we are able to release past emotions of anger, confusion and pain so that together we can begin the healing process.

Through singles counselling I will help people find clarity about themselves and their prospective partner enabling them to have a positive and healthy relationship. Thru this Coaching, clients will gain understanding on how to begin and grow new relationships and approach these new experiences in positive, healthy ways.

I offer Tri-Cities Marriage and Couples Counselling and I am here as a coach to help find solutions and to bring clarity to your relationship problems and desired goals. It is important we can explore our emotions during our sessions, so that we are able to positively move forward with our lives. I am here as a tour guide on a journey with you, to help you rediscover who you are, the things you have forgotten about, and the passions you have let go of. I am here simply as a coach, someone you can confide in, to help you mend all the issues you are currently facing and to chart a path of hope towards your future.

Sometimes, sitting down and talking about our feelings can be exhausting. It can be difficult to know where to start. Through my experience, I have found ways to help coach my clients in unusual ways that allow our feelings to arise and be explored in different ways. In past sessions I have used different methods of communication practices in couples counselling. I have used martial arts in the sense of demonstrating what conflict looks like. I am teaching both singles and couples how to get off of an attack line and how to begin the process of listening and healing.

Sometimes relationship issues also involve more people, such as your family and loved ones. I conduct sessions on showing families how to improve their communications and understand each other’s needs. This exposes a level of intimacy that the couple is experiencing, while allowing us to explore these conflicts in different, interesting ways.

Enjoy Time Together in the Tri-Cities B.C. Area

As a couple – spend time together. Enjoy parks, trails and the great outdoors in one of Coquitlam’s many parks and outdoor areas, or opt for a more suburban route with a trip to one of the shopping districts. Enjoy lots of hiking and biking trails.  Here are some of my favorite places to visit:

  • Minnekhada Regional Park
  • Rocky Point Park in Port Moody
  • Castle Park in Port Coquitlam
  • Inspiration Garden
Marriage Counselling and Coaching Centre

Marriage Counselling and Coaching Centre

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Let’s work together to decide if my relationship and marriage counseling is right for you. Through signing up for a 60 minute consultation with me in the Tri-Cities area, I can show you what it is that I have to offer you in your path to a healthy, positive lifestyle within your relationships. In this way you get a sense of what it is I have to offer.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, or you just want to chat about the possibilities, please feel free to contact me.

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