Dec 31

Chained Innocence

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vancouver-clarity-coach-return-to-innocence-photoWhen I first saw this image on the Internet it spoke to me immediately. It really spoke of how much of our innocence we lose as we grow up. But maybe the picture communicates it better, in that is more like our innocence is chained.

As an adult, when was the last time you used your imagination and dreamed up something completely ridiculous just for fun? Now lets say that if you have dreamed up something ridiculous in the last year, then how many of you actually wrote that crazy dream out it out in detail? Or drew a picture of it? Or mapped it out on a piece of paper or on a white board?

Its been said that Bill Gates use to sit on a beach every year with just a piece of card board and just dream and then write it all out on that piece of card board. Now whether or not it actually happened that way is irrelevant. What is relevant is the fact that Bill Gates actually took time to Dream ! And Dream Big. Would you not agree ? (PC and  the Window Operating system is still the number one most used computer in the world.) Or how is this concept, most CEO’s in Japan have a dream that spans well over 10 years, many have a dream that encompasses a 100 year plan. While in North America the average business can only muster up enough dreams for a year or just enough for the next quarter.

It seems for most of us the years in school robbed us of our natural inclination to “dream dreams” whether it be dreaming while we sleep or merely day dreaming for a better life. A Life that would be filled with PASSION AND PURPOSE.

What we seldom realize is that dreams and goals have a direct correlation with each other. You don’t know where you are going if you don’t have goals and you can’t have goals if you don’t have dreams. So it all starts with our dreams.

Dreams and Goals: Show Me How Big Your Dreams Are & I’ll Show You How Clear Your  Goals Are

Goals are simple. Really they are.

I know many struggle to figure it out but the reality is that Goal setting is actually quite easy.

The real struggle is the individual or organizations dreams. If your dreams are big and clear, figuring out your goals is quite intuitive, and moving towards achieving the outcome becomes as simple as one step at a time.

Lets say your dream is to get married and have kids. How big is this dream ? Is it to vague or general ? How would you go about meeting a person who might be the right partner for you and have the same desires that you have for children ?

Alright, so lets bring some greater clarity to this. Lets say your dream is to get married to a person who loves kids, has a career that doesn’t impeded with family life, is always full of joy and is always hungry to learn and grow. Would this dream give you a clearing idea on what your goals would be and would that also in turn give you a clearer idea of what things you need to do or where you need to spend time at to attract this kind of a person ?

This is no different for businesses and even ones spiritual walk. To the degree in which you DREAM is the degree in which you will be clear about your goals and clear about your action plans to achieve your outcomes.

What Are YOUR Dreams?

  • So what are your Dreams and Goals ?
  • Are they Big enough to motivate you and inspire you for the next 5 years ?
  • Or When was the last time you had a DREAM planning day or week or month ?

If this has spoken to you, stop right now and take that time to start Dreaming your Dreams and setting your Goals. Throw massive action to this right this minute. You won’t regret it.

If you would like to have a deeper conversation about your Dreams and Goals or even how to start Dreaming again, leave me a comment below, or click on the button just below. I would love to meet up with you and help you start Dreaming once again.