Jan 5

Clear Skies

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vancouver-finding-clarity-in-life-picture-clarity-coachHave you ever climbed up a mountain and peered out over the landscape below?

How did that feel while you stood there and the wind blew gently through you?

Did you feel like you could fly? Or did everything in you and all around you seem to be so clear and peaceful?

Why do you think things felt so clear or peaceful when you looked out from a mountain top or from a higher point of view ?

Finding clarity in life starts with 3 basic things.

  1. By changing your perspective.
  2. By changing your focus.
  3. By being very very Clear about what you are really wanting, and wanting to achieve.

Most times when we feel lost or confused, or when we feel stressed, or depressed it’s directly related to how we are seeing things at that one moment and what exactly we are focusing on.

For example if I am feeling stressed over my finances my perspective could be, “I’m never gonna get out of this.” My focus might be on my current circumstances like “I’m not making enough money at work.”

But what if you changed your perspective and focused on something else?

For instance, what if you changed your perspective by telling yourself, “I’m gonna get out of this, this is only for a moment? ” And let’s say you change your focus to something practical like “what are 5 alternative ways I can make some extra income with my resources or skill set?”

Surprisingly being clear is one of the most forgotten steps. We have a lot of problems with this step because we are just not use to being clear with anything. Most of how and what we plan in life is either spontaneous or very generally sought after. It’s one of the many reasons why so many people are having a hard time finding the “Right Mate”.

Finding clarity in life is not impossible. It is easy. It will take hard work in the beginning much like us starting to workout in the gym after years having not, but if you stick with the plan you will see everything clearly and not just that, you will find Purpose in what you are doing.

This is what clarity coaching can do for you. We have trainers for fitness, dietitians for eating, consultants for the Internet. Is having a coach who can guide you in a quicker process to finding clarity to your objectives and outcomes and more silly? It’s in fact the wisest thing you can do!