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Episode #013 – How Fashion Could Be a Busy Mom’s Saving Grace for Herself, Her Marriage, and Her Family

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thumbnail spreakerDo you know a mom who spends more time focusing on others than herself? Are you one of these selfless, essential members of society? Unfortunately busy moms often forget to schedule time to take care of their own needs.

The duties of being a wife and a mother are time-consuming. It is all too easy to sacrifice a unique style to save time and money that can instead be spent on your family.

Learn more about why busy moms need fashion, by listening to this episode of Clarity Coach, where host Rockie Lee talks with guest Linda Potgieter, Founder and Managing Director of, about the many benefits of creating a personal style.

It is not unusual for busy moms to place a high priority on the needs of others. This podcast episode is a chance to learn how to reclaim a personal style to enjoy a healthier well-being.

What Your Style Communicates to Others

The episode kicks off with Linda sharing a bit of her background, from growing up in South Africa to moving to the United Kingdom, as well as how she got involved in her current career.

Next Linda segues into why our wardrobe matters. She shares from her personal experiences about why busy moms need fashion and a personal style.

She goes on to cite studies about enclothed cognition and how wearing a power color can help you dress for success regardless of your job, relationship, or personality.

If you don’t start with your individual self when it comes to creating a personal style, then you may be holding yourself back from living the other areas of your life to their fullest potential.

Why Some Moms Struggle with Personal Style

Then Linda discusses why some women find it hard to give time to themselves when it comes to fashion and style. During the podcast she also touches on answers to questions like:

  • How does a busy mom’s style affect her children’s outlook on life?
  • What can we say to busy moms who can’t afford a personal style?
  • Can a woman achieve a style with a new fashion wardrobe alone?
  • When can busy moms who are strapped for time work on their style?
  • How does a personal style affect other areas of a woman’s life?

Now ask yourself these two questions: Is my style helping me live life to its fullest? Am I confident that my style is the best it can be? If you answered “No” to either or both questions, then you may want to visit Linda’s website for more information.

Dress for Success: Learning to Master Your Own Personal Style

Next Linda talks about not only why busy moms need fashion and a personal style, but also why the same rules apply for single women when it comes to getting dressed up and going out.

Linda defines what style is and then uses firsthand knowledge to share whether style is a life skill that someone could learned to use to improve the quality of their life.

The GEMS (c) Style Profile is a personality based reflection to help you understand your preferences for personal communication. How we were born and designed is much different than how we were groomed and raised.

Linda wraps up the episode by sharing a success story of one of her clients who reclaimed her personal style to bring about changes in her personal life, her marriage, and her parenting.

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Are You a Busy Mom Looking to Reclaim Your Style?

Does your wardrobe consist of yoga pants and comfortable shirts? Have you ever taken your kids to the bus stop while dressed in your pajamas? Listen to this episode of Clarity Coach and then use the comments section to ask questions or share personal experiences on this topic.

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