Jan 2

Episode #020 – The Most Asked Questions from Married Couples Needing Help


thumbnail spreakerIn this podcast episode, host Rockie Lee welcomes a special guest, Sarah Surh. Sarah is an actor, writer, producer, and filmmaker. You can catch her on many shows, such as “JUST ONE KISS” and “ROMANCE TO THE RESCUE” on Hallmark and SONIC 2.

Married couples sometimes need help knowing where to turn when they have questions about their relationship. Have you or someone you know experienced this issue?

If you want sound marriage advice from an experienced counselor, then be sure to listen to this episode of Clarity Coach, where Rockie Lee and his special guest host, Sarah, discuss answers to a plethora of questions asked by married couples.

Marriage is a lifelong commitment, but that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a problem-free relationship until death do you part.

If you need someone to answer marriage questions, this podcast could provide the answers you seek.

Can Marriage Survive After an Affair Happens?

Rockie and Sarah kick off the episode with this reminder: everyone who has ever been married has had issues in their relationship. Discussing these questions can remove the shame surrounding them and make us feel less alone.

Then Rockie and Sarah dive into the topic of affairs and whether a marriage can survive if one spouse has been unfaithful in their relationship. Rockie’s answer may surprise you!

If you or your spouse has ever made an intentional decision that hurt the other person or broke trust in your marriage, then the advice Rockie has in this episode of the podcast might help with the healing process.

Can One Spouse Do All the Work In a Healthy Marriage?

Next, Rockie addresses the misconception about love being a two-way street. In other words, people believe that spouses carry equal work in a marriage. They also answer questions such as:

  • Can I really live a happy life by managing my thoughts?
  • What can I do when I tire of giving love in my marriage?
  • Do my partner and I need help finding time for date nights?

Now ask yourself these two questions: Are my spouse and I affected by any of the issues in this episode of the podcast? Could my marriage use tips on how to get through the rough times? If you answered “Yes” to either or both questions, then you may benefit from Rockie’s advice.

How Can Marriage Counseling Help My Marriage?

Rockie then segues into ways that marriage can benefit from counseling, therapy, and relationship coaching.

Rockie and Sarah also discuss what to do when marriage counseling, therapy or relationship coaching hasn’t worked.

During the episode, you’ll also hear tips about what to do if your marriage lacks intimacy, quick and effective ways to resolve conflict, and how to communicate to your spouse when they do something that upsets you.

Rockie and Sarah wrap up the episode with answers to questions about rebuilding trust after being hurt, hope after a divorce, what to do if our partner isn’t meeting your needs, and the three things that prevent marriage from growing.

Can Your Marriage Benefit From Expert Advice?

Do you want to know what to do when love feels absent from your marriage? Are you ready to discover how to keep your marriage growing? Listen to the full episode, and then comment with your questions below so we can talk through them together.

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