Nov 28

Episode #018 – Why Marriage is Not A Partnership

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thumbnail spreakerIf someone said that marriage is not a partnership, would you agree? Do you want to know more about why today’s young adults have such a low interest in getting married? Would you like to understand why some couples marry, and others don’t? A coach can explain all of this and more!

Couples often fear that getting married will cause them to lose their identity as an individual. Is this a fear that you have experienced? Do you know someone who has?

If you want to know more about why marriage is not a partnership, tune into this episode of Clarity Coach – Love Talks, where host Rockie Lee and co-host Kimberly dispel the myth of what people think marriage is.

Most people think of marriage as a partnership. This interview is your chance to understand why this isn’t true and learn tips that could help your relationship avoid falling into this trap.

What Is a Marriage?

Rockie begins the episode by providing his definition of what a partnership is. He shares an example that everyone can relate to regardless of their marital status.

Next, Rockie shares a common phrasing that describes what marriage is. He also shares multiple examples that bring this time-honored phrase into modern language. He also shares an
easy-to-follow metaphor that helps listeners better understand what marriage is.

Two episodes ago, Rockie and Kimberly discussed a similar topic, “What Is Love?” That episode pairs well with today’s discussion, so make sure to listen to that one as well.

Do You Lose Your Identity When You Are Married?

Many people fear that getting married means losing their individuality. Rockie segues into an explanation about the real way that marriage affects your identity. Then Rockie reveals what really makes marriage unique and explains some reasons why someone might want to get married.

If you’ve ever mistaken your marriage for a partnership or are trying to decide if marriage is right for you, then you may want to listen to this episode with your partner.

Is the Piece of Paper Required for a Long-Term Relationship?

Next Rockie offers advice for people who argue that they’re in a long-term relationship that doens’t need a piece of paper. He and Kimberly also discuss answers to questions like:

  • Why is the next generation so disinterested in the idea of marriage?
  • What are the real benefits of getting married versus living together?
  • What do so many couples get wrong about marriage?

Now ask yourself these two questions: Have I considered my marriage to be a partnership? Are my partner and I seeing and hearing each other when problems arise? If you answered yes to either or both of these questions, listen to Rockie and Kimberly’s discussion about why marriage is not a partnership.

Do Couples Need to Have a Wedding to Be Married?

Next, Rockie and Kimberly discuss whether you need to have a wedding day to be married. Rockie goes on to offer a simplified explanation of the main goal of marriage. He also gives his number one piece of advice for listeners who are not married.

Recognizing what a marriage should be can help you avoid falling into struggles experienced by so many couples who view their marriage as a 50/50 partnership.

Rockie wraps up the episode with a reminder that he is available for a free consultation. You can set up an appointment here.

Are You Ready to Learn Why Marriage Is Not a Partnership?

Do you want to understand what a marriage should be? Are you ready to start applying Rockie’s advice to your relationship? When you’ve finished listening to the episode, ask questions and share your thoughts in the comments below so we can talk through them together.