Nov 4

Episode #017 – Expectations: The Root of All Disconnection

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thumbnail spreakerExpectations in relationships are the root of all disconnections. Would you like to know what this means for couples? Do you want to know how to adjust your approach to love and improve your relationships? A coach can help you understand the difference between having a value and an expectation.

People with expectations often need someone to live their lives as they want. Have you ever been in a relationship like this? Are you in a relationship like this right now?

If you want to learn more about why expectations are the root of all disconnection, don’t miss this episode of Clarity Coach, where host Rockie Lee and co-host Kimberly discuss how couples can transform expectations into values for a healthier relationship.

Expectations can be a huge stumbling block for relationships. This interview is your chance to understand the difference between expectations and values and how to create what you want in your relationship instead of reacting to what you don’t have.

What Are Expectations?

Rockie starts the episode by explaining the difference between having a value or an expectation. He goes on to provide examples of each.

Next, Rockie discusses how couples can create what they want in their marriage instead of reacting to what they don’t have.

If you’re stumbling through your relationship, then expectations may be causing issues. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

How Do Couples Have Expectations in Their Marriage?

Rockie segues into everyday examples of how couples have expectations and how it affects their marriage.Then Rockie introduces a practical approach to initiating values that can help couples elevate their marriage and each other. If this sounds familiar, you or your partner could be using expectations that put each other in an unfair situation.

How Do We Move Off the Path of Expectations?

Rockie then segues into a significant stumbling block married couples face regarding communication. He and Kimberly also discuss answers to questions such as:

  • How do I know if expectations exist in my relationship?
  • Why are expectations so damaging to relationships?
  • What are some examples of expectations in a marriage?

Now ask yourself these two questions: Do you and your partner call names or accuse each other of things? Could you benefit from learning practical ways to apply values to your relationship? If you answered yes to either one or both of these questions, then you could use Rockie’s advice about letting go of expectations and using values to communicate better.

What Do Expectations and Values Look Like In Real Life?

Next, Rockie discusses why expectations are such a hurdle in relationships and how couples can move off the path of expectations. Rockie also gives examples of values. He explains some of the many ways that values can make a positive difference.

Recognizing expectations can help you avoid using them against your significant other. Is your relationship guilty of having expectations?

Rockie caps off the episode by sharing a tip for what couples can do right now to let go of their expectations and to communicate through values.

Are You Ready to Let Go of Expectations?

Do you want to let go of expectations in your relationship? Are you ready to start using values to communicate better with your partner? After listening to the episode, share your questions and comments below so we can discuss them together.