Oct 24

Episode #016 – Love is NOT a Feeling


thumbnail spreakerWhen talking about love, we’re often using it to describe a similar feeling. Do you want help understanding if love is a feeling? Would you like to know how to respond when someone says they love you? A coach can help you understand what love is to avoid the consequences of misusing it.

People who believe love is a feeling may confuse being loving with being in love, affectionate, or even lust. Don’t you want to know the correct way to reference love in your relationships?

If you want to know more about why love is not a feeling and what words you might want to reference instead, then listen to this episode of Clarity Coach – Love Talks, where host Rockie Lee talks with co-host Kimberly about the importance of knowing what love truly is.

Knowing what love is so that you can have healthier relationships is challenging. This interview offers an opportunity to explore the benefits of understanding what love is so you can make the most of your relationships.

Is Love a Feeling?

The episode kicks off with Rockie giving a list of synonyms that people might mean when they use the word love. Then Rockie compares love to the process of a particular bodily function, and he reveals if he considers whether love is a feeling.

If you’re having trouble in a relationship where you’ve used the word love, then knowing what love is could help you get to the root of the problem.

Why Is It Important to Know What Love Is?

Next, Rockie segues into the importance of the distinction of whether love is a feeling or not. During the podcast, he and Kimberly also discuss answers to questions such as:

  • How can I organically love my partner?
  • Should I stay in a relationship after falling out of love?
  • If I love someone, do they have to love me back?

Now ask yourself these two questions: Do you want to know what love is and the consequences of using love in a relationship? Do you want to have stronger relationships that aren’t dependent on feelings? If you answered “Yes” to either or both questions, then you may benefit from knowing if love is a feeling.

If Love Is Not a Feeling, What Is Love?

Rockie then explains what love can be if it’s not a feeling and why this is important.

Rockie continues to discuss the consequences and struggles of using love the wrong way when we’re in a relationship.

Knowing what love is and appropriate ways to use it can help you find clarity and improve your relationships. What about love is causing problems in your relationships?

The episode concludes with Rockie discussing how you can measure real love and what you can do right now to change how you approach love.

Do You Want to Know if Love Is Real?

Do you want to know if love is real? Are you ready to know how to use love to enjoy your relationships to their full potential? Listen to the full episode now, and then share your questions and comments below so we can discuss them together.