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Episode #009 – Pride: The Number One Killer of Marriages

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thumbnail spreakerAre you familiar with the idiom: pride goes before a fall? Have you ever stopped to think about the effect pride has on relationships, such as a marriage? Dr. Winslow to share why she thinks pride is the number one killer of marriage, and goes on to explain how she discovered this fact. Being able to recognize the signs of pride can help you take steps to prevent having it destroy your marriage.

It is easy to confuse pride with similar mental states, like self-esteem, arrogance, and vanity. Have you ever reflected on the true meaning of pride?

If you want to know more about how pride kills marriage, then listen to this episode of Clarity Coach, where host Rockie Lee interviews Dr.Tamara Winslow, the founder and director of Institutes for Biblical Truth about pride, the number one killer of marriages.

No one wants to think about their marriage ending. This interview helps recognize signs of pride in relationships and shares how couples can save their marriages from it.

Introducing Dr. Tamara Winslow

Rockie kicks off the episode by sharing a bit about Dr. Winslow’s background. A follower of God since her childhood, she is an author with multiple degrees from the Minnesota Graduate School of Theology. Dr. Winslow also teaches and ministers music in 37 different nations.

Next Rockie segues into the topic and asks Dr. Winslow to share why she thinks pride is the number one killer of marriage. She goes on to explain how she discovered this fact.

Pride is a selfish trait. If your life centers on pride-based things, then it will be hard to have any relationship succeed, especially a marriage.

How Pride Enters Our Lives

Then Dr. Winslow goes on to discuss how pride enters our lives. She also answers questions like these during the podcast:

  • Does pride share a definition with confidence?
  • What is the process that introduces pride into our lives?
  • How do I know if pride affects my relationship?

Now ask yourself these two questions: Do my spouse and I compete to see who is best? Do I have a history of feeling rejected by my loved ones, bullied by others, or succumbing to peer pressure?

If you answered “Yes” to either or both questions, then continuing on this path only puts your marriage and other relationships at risk for failure. Dr. Winslow shares an example she saw personally of how pride kills marriage.

Overcoming Pride in Your Marriage: The Number One Killer of Marriages

Next Dr. Winslow explains if there is hope for couples caught in a marriage afflicted with pride. She illustrates this with an example of a couple who fought back from the brink of the collapse of their marriage.

Dr. Winslow goes on to explain the cure or inoculation for pride. You may be surprised to find she disagrees with the theory of humility being the cure for pride.

If you realize pride is killing your marriage, then you can take the steps Dr. Winslow shares in the podcast to stop pride from affecting your relationship with your spouse.

The episode wraps up with Dr. Winslow offering some final practical tips about how couples can stay away from pride so they can have the marriage they desire.

Do You Want to Rid Your Marriage of Pride?

Has pride taken root in your relationship with your spouse? Do you want to know more about how to avoid pride? Listen to the whole episode now, then leave your comments and questions about how pride kills marriage below. We look forward to discussing them with you.

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Dr. Tamara Winslow

Dr. Tamara Winslow is the founder and director of Institutes for biblical truth and has been serving God since she was a child. Her traveling ministry began in 1978 and she currently ministers in 37 nations. In this episode she discusses: Pride: The number one killer of marriages and offers advice to couples struggling in this area.