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Episode #008 – The Beloved Project – Rekindling Love in Marriage

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Do you feel something’s missing from your relationship? Have the things that initially attracted you to your partner started to fade? A serious relationship, like a marriage, is a perpetual work in progress and rekindling love in marriage is something many couples need help with.

Finding the partner you deserve and overcoming barriers in communication are not enough to sustain a relationship. Do you feel your marriage has reached a boring plateau?

If you want to know more about rekindling love in marriage, then listen to this episode of Clarity Coach, where host Rockie Lee interviews Jesh De Rox, founder of Movement Design and creative director of “Possible” about how to achieve this in your relationship.

Loving someone and having that love manifest in your marriage are two different things. This interview is a chance to learn how to reignite the love that first attracted you to your spouse.

Introducing Jesh De Rox

The episode kicks off with an introduction to Jesh De Rox, a photographer whose work has been featured in top publications like Vogue, Huffington Post, and more.

Then Rockie and Jesh discuss one of Jesh’s favorite quotes from renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz, and what about the quote speaks to Jesh as both an artist and a person. Jesh goes on to share how this quote impacted his skills and journey as a photographer.

Life’s a journey that connects us to other people through relationships. If your connection with your spouse is fading, then it’s time to rekindle the passion that brought you together.

What Couples Are Missing Out on in Relationships

Next Rockie and Jesh segue into a discussion about what couples are missing out on in relationships. During the podcast he also answers questions such as:

  • What really happens when we fall in love with someone?
  • How does growing closer to someone affect the relationship?
  • What can I do to improve the relationship with my partner?
  • How do traumatic events affect interactions with my spouse?

Now ask yourself these two questions: Do I let my thoughts get in the way of seeing my relationship for what it is? Have I been guilty of pre-judging someone before knowing them?

If you answered “Yes” to either or both questions, then you might benefit from rekindling love in marriage.

Interactive Games to Strengthen Your Marriage

Then Jesh talks about the four ideal states when it comes to human nature and bonding with other humans. He shares specific examples of how you can use these states to improve your relationships with others.

Jesh goes on to describe some of the interactive games he uses in his relationship coaching to help his clients strengthen their relationships with each other.

Interacting with your spouse during relationship coaching might sound intimidating, but these sensory games involve common communication methods like whispering or laughing.

Rockie encourages other relationship coaches to take a lesson from Jesh and think outside the box when helping couples. He encourages couples listening to the podcast visit Jesh’s website and find a local photographer who uses the Beloved methods. (Both websites are linked below.)

The episode closes out with Jesh sharing some final tips on how couples can keep the flames of passion alive in their relationships.

Do You Reclaim the Fire in Your Relationship?

Are you ready to begin the process for rekindling love in marriage? Do you want to avoid disconnect with your spouse? After you listen to the podcast, add your comments and questions to the area below where we can talk about them together.

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Rockie Lee is a Relationship Development Coach who helps both singles and couples find clarity in life, in relationships & in personal growth and improvement. Currently certified through Strategic Intervention, Rockie continues to train with Strategic Intervention Coaching. If you want to develop practical skills needed to move forward in life, please contact him using the information below.

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