Jan 4

Episode #003 – The Healing Power of Forgiveness

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thumbnail spreakerForgiveness is something everyone struggles with. Have you ever found it hard to forgive someone? You can embrace the the healing power of forgiveness by knowing how to forgive someone, and following through with forgiveness can bring a healing calm to your life. Are you unsure what forgiveness really means?

Refusing to forgive creates feelings of bitterness. Can you imagine going through life with that type of negative outlook?

If you want to know more about the healing power of forgiveness, then listen to this episode of Clarity Coach, where host Erik Reynolds interviews Rockie Lee about how to forgive others and avoid the bitterness that hinders us from moving forward.


The act of forgiveness can be a life altering experience. This interview is your chance to learn how forgiveness can heal any bitterness in your life.

What Is Forgiveness?

This episode of the podcast kicks off with Rockie explaining what forgiveness is not. He uses clear examples that could relate to a wide range of situations humans experience.

Then Rockie explains what forgiveness is based on the choices you make in your life. He offers both simplified and detailed examples.

If forgiving someone presents a challenge in your life, then you may find yourself unable to move forward in other areas of your life as well.

Why Forgiving Isn’t the Same as Forgetting

Next Rockie discusses why forgiveness is so hard. During the podcast he also tackles questions such as:

  • What prevents people from forgiveness?
  • What is a general principle about forgiveness?
  • What is bitterness and how does it affect us?

Now ask yourself these two questions:

  1. Do I feel bitterness toward someone in my life?
  2. Could I use advice on how to and why I should forgive them?

If you answered “Yes” to either or both questions, then this podcast can lead you to the healing power of forgiveness.

Triumph over Bitterness with Forgiveness

Rockie explains what bitterness is, as well as the negative effects of bitter root judgements and bitter root expectancies in our lives.

Rockie goes on to give examples of how bitterness might hinder us from moving forward.

Forgiveness can be a life changing event if we are willing to take the steps to forgive people we feel have wronged us. Have you ever held back on forgiving someone?

The episode wraps up with Rockie offering some practical rituals for forgiveness.

Who Do You Want to Forgive Today?

Is there someone who causes you to have feelings of bitterness? Are you ready to take the first step to forgive them? After listening to this podcast about the healing power of forgiveness, add your questions and comments below, where we can discuss them together.

Rockie Lee – Clarity Coachthumbnail spreaker

Rockie Lee is a Relationship Development Coach who helps both singles and couples find clarity in life, in relationships & in personal growth and improvement. Currently certified through Strategic Intervention, Rockie continues to train with Strategic Intervention Coaching.

If you want to develop practical skills needed to move forward in life, please contact him using the information below.

Telephone Number: 778-883-7203
Website: https://claritycoach.ca/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VancouverClarityCoach
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