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Episode #010 – The Story We Tell Ourselves, The Lies We Believe

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thumbnail spreakerHave you ever hit a low point in life where the truth was too much to bear? Have you ever told yourself stories or believed the lies other people fed you because it was just easier? Believing stories based on lies can hinder us and distort how we perceive life around us.

Dealing with personal issues is hard. It might seem easier to believe a lie than deal with negative feelings and emotions connected to the truth. You have the power to change your story, which in turn will change your perspective.

If you want to know more about increasing positive effects on your life, then listen to this episode of Clarity Coach, where host Rockie Lee talks with guest Michael Iwasaki, the President and Managing Partner of NEWSLINE360 about the story we tell ourselves and the lie we believe.

When empowering stories are based on truth, they can help us reach for bigger and better things in life. This interview is an opportunity to learn how to achieve that goal with the stories you tell yourself about your past experiences.

Introducing Michael Iwasaki

The episode kicks off with an introduction to Michael Iwasaki, who is the motivator and lead visionary of NEWSLINE360. Michael ensures all functions of the company work harmoniously and efficiently.

Next Michael shares information about his family background. A combination of Japanese and Scottish heritage, he grew up in Vancouver with his father, mother, and brother.

Michael goes on to explain that although it sounds like a traditional family of four, circumstances led to his family having to experience less-than-desirable conditions.

If your life is less than perfect, then it might tempt you to tell stories that hinder you from living life to its fullest.

Empowering Stories and Practical Tips

Then Michael talks about the stories he told himself that turned out to be lies. During the podcast he also discusses the answers to these questions:

  • Where do these stories we tell ourselves originate?
  • Could my family and friends play a role in these stories?
  • What type of impact could these stories have on my life?

Now ask yourself these two questions: Do I tell stories to counter an undesirable lifestyle? Do my family and friends help me believe these stories?

If you answered “Yes” to either or both questions, then the practical tips shared here can help you reach a turning point that leaves the stories behind.

Trading Stories and Lies for Stories that Empower

Next Michael explains what the turning point was that helped him change the direction of his path in life. He shares some of the tips that helped him stay on track during this time of transition.

Michael goes on to reveal what helped him stop telling the lies and stories from his childhood. He also describes the vision which preceded the changes to his life and explains the effects this had on his business.

Although your situation may not be exactly like Michael’s, you can use these same practical tips to help replace the stories from your past with empowering stories from the future.

Then Michael explains what the new, empowering stories helped him achieve, and how they acted as a springboard to new professional ventures, like NEWSLINE360 which is a virtual hub companies can use to manage all their news and other online communications for their website.

Rockie Lee wraps up the episode with why he wanted Michael to share his story and challenges you to listen to the story you are telling yourself regardless whether it applies to something personal, professional, or some type of relationship.

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Are You Ready for New Empowering Stories?

Are stories built on lies hindering you from living the life you deserve? Do you want to know how to exchange those stories for ones that empower? After you listen to the podcast, share your experiences and questions below where we can discuss them together.

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