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Episode #012 – The Top 10 Ways to Save Your Marriage

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thumbnail spreakerDoes your marriage bring you frustration and pain? Do you feel you may be nearing the end of your relationship? A lot of people want to fight for something greater in their marriage, but they just aren’t sure where to begin.

Every marriage is susceptible to circumstances that might threaten to crack the foundation of a healthy relationship. Fortunately there are tactics you can use to make more meaningful and happier connections with your spouse.

If you want to know more about ways to save your marriage, then listen to this episode of Clarity Coach, where host Erik Reynolds discusses the topic with Rockie Lee, who answers the most frequently asked questions he receives either from clients or in email.

The longer you stay married, the more your way of seeing life changes. This interview is an opportunity to learn what changes you can make to improve your perspective.

What You Really Need to Save Your Marriage

Rockie Lee kicks off the podcast by sharing the one thing he feels you really need to consider in order to execute the steps that will bring the dreams and desires for your marriage into existence.

Then Rockie Lee dives into questions. The first one is something many couples experience – conflict. He shares the relationship between world events and conflict in marriage, and offers a tip for avoiding conflict in your marriage.

During the podcast, Rockie Lee shares insight from his own experiences with marriage and parenthood. He also asks the one question you should ask yourself that will shine a spotlight on what’s really important to you.

Can You Really Control Your Spouse?

Next Rockie segues to the topic of how conflict affects a couple’s ability to communicate. During the podcast he also answers these questions from inquiring clients:

  • Do I need to stay married if living together was better?
  • Why do I have to make changes before my spouse does?
  • What will help my marriage move forward above all else?

Now ask yourself these two questions: Do I feel stuck married to someone who always has to be right? Did marriage wreck my perfectly good exclusive dating relationship? If you answered “No” to either or both questions, then the information Rockie shares may help you.

Improve Your Marriage with These Steps

During the podcast, Rockie Lee shares five steps to a healthier marriage. He discusses how the things you reflect and focus on in life affect your marriage.

Rockie Lee goes on to reveal one habit you can adopt to sow positive seeds that can help your marriage blossom into the relationship you always dreamed it could be.

Then Rockie Lee offers some keywords you can use when communicating with your spouse. He also talks about how your tone can impact those words when you use them.

The podcast wraps up with Rockie Lee reminding about some healthy choices you can make based on information in past episodes, as well as his final thoughts on this episode’s topic.

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Are You Ready to Improve Your Marriage?

Do you want to improve the state of your marriage? Would you like to have healthier communications with your spouse? After you listen to this episode, please share your comments, personal experiences, and questions below so we can share them together.

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Rockie Lee is a Relationship Development Coach who helps both singles and couples find clarity in life, in relationships & in personal growth and improvement. Currently certified through Strategic Intervention, Rockie continues to train with Strategic Intervention Coaching. If you want to develop practical skills needed to move forward in life, please contact him using the information below.

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