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Episode #015 – Understanding Suffering, our Thoughts and Deeper Connection

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thumbnail spreakerIs there anything in life that causes you great suffering? Would you like to find a healthy way to understand why this happens? If you want to change and get out from underneath the layer of suffering bogging you down, there is a way to achieve it.

You don’t have to spend your life suffering from negativity that threatens to take over your thoughts. What if you found a way to see choices beyond your suffering?

If you want to know more about getting a deeper connection to understand suffering, then listen to this episode of Clarity Coach, where host Rockie Lee talks with guest Byron Katie, best selling author, speaker and founder of “The Work”.

“The Work” has helped millions of people for more than thirty years begin to end their suffering. This interview is your chance to hear extra insight from the author.

When Is the Best Time to Change to Get Out of Suffering?

The episode begins with Byron Katie describing a time when she was very depressed and the turning point that brought her out of it and helped create the process of “The Work”.

Next Byron Katie gives us an overview of what “The Work” is and how it is done. She also confides why she thinks “The Work” is so effective.

Suffering affects so many people throughout the world. Once you learn how the process for understanding suffering you can overcome the negativity and begin experiencing joy.

Understanding the Relationship Between Thoughts and Suffering

Then Byron Katie touches on something she said in the introduction to one of her books about thoughts. During this interview she also answers questions like:

  • What are the concepts of “thoughts” and “suffering”?
  • What part does ego play in understanding our suffering?
  • What keeps us stuck in this thing called “suffering mode”?
  • What is the difference between positive thoughts and “The Work”?
  • What does it mean that “Your partner’s flaws are your own”?

Now ask yourself these two questions: Are you suffering from something in your life? Do you have trouble with negative thoughts?

You can learn more about “The Work” and how to use it to understand suffering, thoughts, and a deeper connection at Byron Katie’s website. (

What Is Connection?

Next Byron Katie defines connection for us. She goes on to talk about how to building a connection with another person, especially someone who doesn’t want to connect with us.

Byron Katie continues on the topic of connection by discussing the one thing that separates us from connecting with each other.

Are you struggling with your marriage? You won’t want to miss Byron Katie’s words of wisdom, which go beyond visiting “The Work” website.

Wrapping up the episode, Byron Katie shares her final thoughts on the topic of understanding suffering and information about her new book, A MIND AT HOME WITH ITSELF.

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Are You Ready to Understand the Suffering in Your Life?

Do negative thoughts cause suffering in your life? Do you want to understand how to form deeper connections with your loved ones? Listen to the entire episode now and leave your questions and personal experiences about suffering below, where we can discuss them together.

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