May 3

Episode #021 – Pride, The #1 Killer of All Marriages

We’ve all heard that “pride goeth before a fall” but do you know how pride can affect your marriage? Would you like to know why pride affects marriage more than any other negative aspect? A coach can help you understand how pride and its by-products can kill a marriage. Some people may not even realize.

November 28

Episode #018 – Why Marriage is Not A Partnership

If someone said that marriage is not a partnership, would you agree? Do you want to know more about why today’s young adults have such a low interest in getting married? Would you like to understand why some couples marry, and others don’t? A coach can explain all of this and more! Couples often fear.

December 31

Chained Innocence

Chained Innocence

When I first saw this image on the Internet it spoke to me immediately. It really spoke of how much of our innocence we lose as we grow up. But maybe the picture communicates it better, in that is more like our innocence is chained.